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Getting Back to Basics in the Town That’s Big Time Small

Aug 26, 2021 | Round Top FYI

What does it mean to get back to basics? Of course, it means something a little bit different to just about everybody. In general, though, getting back to basics is all about setting the unnecessary stuff aside, returning focus to the stuff that matters and being who you truly are. And ya know what? Here in Round Top, Texas, we’re all about it. Interested in hittin’ the road and getting back to basics yourself? Our tiny little town is a great place to do just that. In fact, we’ve even pulled together a few suggestions to help get ya started.

Get Back to Basics by: Settin’ the Smartphone Aside
It’s one thing to be connected. It’s another thing altogether to feel like ya can’t unplug. The truth is, life outside that bright little screen can be pretty darn enjoyable. Take in a performance at Festival Hill or nearby Brenham’s Unity Theatre, or take time to learn a little something at the Winedale Historical Complex or the Round Top Area Historical Society’s Wood Campus Museum. Some old-fashioned conversation over a great meal is another fantastic option. Our Explore page offers all sorts of ideas for those interested in a little phone-free entertainment.

Get Back to Basics by: Connecting with Nature
There’s a reason they call it the great outdoors, guys. It is, in fact, pretty great. And with our rolling hills and wide-open fields, Round Top’s got a whole lot of nature to soak up. Check out the green spaces around our squares, or take in the beauty of rural Texas while sipping something great at our wineries. Big on animals? (Us, too!) The Jersey Barnyard offers a family-friendly spot where you can take in some fresh air, get a first-hand look at dairy farm life — and maybe even try your hand at milking a cow.

Get Back to Basics by: Cozying Up Around a Campfire
The song’s not wrong, y’all. The stars and night really are big and bright. And you’d know that if you spent more time gazin’ outside. Round Top has many incredible lodging options that feature fire pits, grills and outdoor seating perfect for slowing down, looking up and taking in the beauty of this planet we call home. (We’re not lyin’ — we count almost 20 fire pits on our Stay page!) Swing by one of our awesome stores for some snuggly blankets, stock up on s’mores supplies from the Round Top Mercantile and get that fire goin’. You can thank us later.

There are a whole lot of reasons we love Round Top life so much. (We know you’ll love it, too!) If you’ve got questions about your upcoming Round Top road trip, are curious about what sorts of amazing eats we’ve got around here — or want to know just about anything else, really — give us a call! We’d love to hear from ya, and we can’t wait to see you!

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