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Five Reasons to Have a Round Top Wedding

Jan 31, 2020 | Round Top FYI

With Valentine’s Day coming up and many happy couples getting engaged over the holidays, we’ve only got one thing on our minds: Round Top weddings. And there’s no sweeter place for love to grow than our big time small town. With the picturesque countryside scenery and rustic venues, we can’t think of a place that feels more romantic. We’ve got everything you need to make one of the most important days of your life the best day of your life — and even though we shouldn’t have to list them, here are the top five reasons you should get married in Round Top.

The Quiet

Nothing strikes panic into the hearts of brides and grooms everywhere than the thought of being stuck in traffic on their wedding day. In Round Top, we barely even know what traffic is. When you have your wedding in a small town, there’s no need to worry about the stresses that come with big-city affairs like traffic, parking or directions. Everything feels simpler here, and the peaceful and laid-back nature of our town and the surrounding countryside will calm your anxieties (and your nerves!) on your big day.

The Venues

Talk about a fairytale wedding! From the world-renowned Round Top Festival Institute to numerous barns, cottages and tiny country chapels, there’s a place for everyone’s dream ceremony in Round Top. With so much to choose from, you can be as secluded and off-the-beaten path as you like, or stay close to town. And the wide array of lodging options both in and around Round Top also means there’s plenty of room for all of your family and friends.

The Scenery

You want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect – from the cake, the flowers, the entertainment, the food and especially the photos! And what better backdrop for your perfect wedding photos than a small town in the Texas countryside? From fields of flowers to huge oak trees, the moments you capture on film will be works of art all their own.

 The Timelessness

It may be 2020, but some things never change. Round Top will always be a piece of heaven off 237, and that timeless feeling will translate to your perfect wedding day. Round Top has been around for a long time, and we still have a population of only 90! While we have every modern amenity available, we’re still a small country town in Texas, and the simplicity of how we live combined with the beauty of our surroundings will ensure that the memories of your wedding never feel dated.

 The Memories

You can’t put a price on memories — and after months of planning and preparation, they’ll be what you leave with (along with a new spouse!). While sometimes it feels like time has stopped when you visit Round Top, you’ll have countless amazing moments of your perfect wedding day to look back on when you return to the “real world.”

 If you’re ready to start planning your dream Round Top wedding, visit our wedding venues page to get started!

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