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Five Reasons Round Top Loves Old Stuff

Mar 25, 2021 | Round Top Antiques Show , Round Top FYI

When folks think about Round Top, Texas, a lot of them think about old stuff, too. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s fine! The truth is, around here we’re all about incorporating awesome antiques and vintage finds into everyday life. And it’s not just because of our world-famous antiques shows. Read on to learn a few of the top reasons we believe old stuff reigns supreme in the town that’s big time small.

It Gets the Conversation Started
No one enjoys idle chit-chat. (After all, how long can one truly discuss the weather?) When you add something old and unexpected into your décor, you open the door wide to really get folks talking. Where’d you find that piece? How old is it? Any idea of its backstory? Of course, there’s always the chance it will conjure fun memories, too. “My grandma had a lamp just like that!” “I remember that old soda shop in town.” There’s no tellin’ where those talks will go.

It Helps a Space Stand Out
Think about those chain hotels that feature the same furniture and artwork, in the same places, in each and every guest room. While yes, the room and pieces serve their purpose just fine, once you’ve seen it once, it isn’t likely to grab your attention again. The same is true with the furniture and items that fill your spaces. When you incorporate a funky accessory from way back when into your décor, or opt for a table or chair from times past, you’re creating a look that’s uniquely yours. (And that, friends, is a great thing.)

It’s Good for the Environment
When you grab up stuff produced decades back and renew its purpose — whether in its existing form or through some sort of rework — you’re doin’ Mother Earth a favor. No additional production means no additional pollution, besides the transportation and shipping. And if you opt to stash your stuff in reusable bags or forego a bag altogether? Even better! In other words, antiquing is the epitome of the idea that a person should “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

It’s the Best Pastime Around
Who among us didn’t grow up playing with hand-drawn, X-marks-the-spot treasure maps? If you think about it, antiquing is really just that childhood obsession brought to its logical conclusion! When you enter an antiques shop or pull up to a roadside show, you have no idea what you’ll stumble across. A childhood toy you’d forgotten all about? That final missing piece of your china collection? A piece of jewelry sure to serve as your next family heirloom? There’s a lot of excitement wrapped up in the hunt, and it can be pretty rewarding.

It Put Our Town on the Map
You know we couldn’t get all the way through this list without paying a little homage to Round Top’s bread and butter. Our town is open and thriving all year long, but it’s during the Round Top Antiques Show that we pull out all the stops. These incredible events bring in thousands of vendors — and hundreds of thousands of shoppers — right here to rural Texas. It’s a little chaotic, it’s a lot of traffic and it’s more fun than we know how to handle. If you haven’t been, we hope you’ll come take it all in sometime soon!

Long story short (or maybe not so short) old stuff holds a special place in the town of Round Top, Texas. If you want to know more about our antiques shows, where to stay while you’re in town — or just wanna learn what we’re all about — drop by the Explore Round Top website!

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