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Separating Round Top Antiques Show Fact from Fiction

Feb 25, 2021 | Round Top Antiques Show , Round Top FYI

The Round Top Antiques Show is something pretty special, friends. It draws shoppers the world over, brings in more than 2,500 vendors from all around ­— and it put our small Texas town on the map. The truth is, though, despite the hubbub surrounding the Round Top Antiques Show, there are still quite a few misconceptions. Here, we’ve pulled together a few of the top things people tend to get confused about. Read on, learn a little something and then make plans to come join us!

Misconception: The Round Top Antiques Show is a Week-Long Event
The exciting truth is, our antiques shows offer multiple weeks of treasure hunts — multiple times a year! The spring and fall shows both span about two and-a-half weeks, giving you plenty of time to work Round Top into your schedule! In recent years we’ve also added a third show into the mix. The smaller winter antiques show just goes for a few days, but it’s still a ton of fun!

Misconception: You need a ticket to get into the Round Top Antiques Show
While a couple of great venues – Marburger Farm and the Big Red Barn — do require tickets to get in, there are all sorts of other ways to get your fill of antiquing fun without a ticket. A quick drive through town will open you up to shopping opportunities along roadways, inside our squares and, in some instances, set up inside year-round vendors’ spaces. In our opinion, that sense of exploration — simply setting out and seeing what you stumble across — is a big part of the fun!

Misconception: The Round Top Antiques Show is limited to Round Top
Yes, the show originated in Round Top, in the venue today known as the Round Top Rifle Hall. As the antiques show gained in popularity, though, it also increased in size. Today, the events offer more than 24 miles of shopping (we mapped it out) in areas including Warrenton, Fayetteville, Burton and Carmine, too!

Misconception: Round Top is only around during the antiques shows
Although we do have about 65 or so venues that open during antique show weeks only, there are plenty of places that call Round Top their home year-round! That’s right, any time of year you happen to head this way, you can treat yourself to phenomenal food, shopping, lodging and other fun. Just a friendly reminder: As a rule, our businesses are closed on Mondays. You’ll want to factor that into your plans!

We hope this helps clear up at least a bit of the confusion associated with the Round Top Antiques Show. Want to know more? For information about upcoming antiques show dates, a look at some of the vendors taking part — and other great insight, too — visit our Antiques Show webpage!

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