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Round Top Road Trip: Turn Up the Volume

Jul 08, 2019 | Round Top FYI , Round Top Road Trip

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy out here in the country – so why not take a central Texas road trip? Lots of folks are packin’ up and heading out of the city for a weekend away, and there’s no better place to find respite than the rolling fields and picturesque scenery of Round Top, Texas. As you make that drive to our little slice of heaven, why not crank up the tunes with a playlist that’s perfectly Round Top? In the spirit of long days, warm nights and summer road trips with the windows down, we’ve curated the ultimate Road Trip to Round Top playlist. Turn up the volume. Happiness awaits.

Ultimate Road Trip to Round Top Playlist

  1. Fishin’ in the Dark

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

If you’ve never seen the stars on a clear summer night in Round Top, you sure are missin’ out. This song will get you in the mood for being out in the middle of the country, enjoying the landscape and the quiet reflection that comes with being in Round Top.

  1. I Get a Kick Out of You

Frank Sinatra

Sinatra’s quirky love song not only gives us all the vintage feels, it’s also a nod to one of our local shops in Henkel Square – the Humble Donkey.  As a matter of fact, just drive down 237 and you’ll see your fair share of donkeys behind the white fences lining the roadway. Guess there’s something about donkeys and Round Top.

  1. The Road Goes on Forever

Robert Earl Keen

Texas country music icon Robert Earl Keen knows a thing or two about small towns and a good ol’ fashioned good time, and this song is no exception. The Bonnie and Clyde-style tale of two lovers against the world has become the anthem of Keen’s career, and the song is perfect for a road trip to Round Top – the town where the party never ends.

  1. La Grange

ZZ Top

Since there isn’t a song out there about Round Top (yet), we figured Texas natives ZZ Top’s “La Grange” would suffice, considering La Grange is our Fayette County neighbor. And during the twice-annual Round Top Antiques Shows, they’re practically a part of our town anyway. Plus, there’s no denying that this song is an all-out, windows-down, steering-wheel-thumpin’ jam.

  1. Down On The Corner

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Round Top may be a small town, but we sure do love hosting events and parties downtown. From the Fourth of July and Christmas parades to our farmers market and annual Wine Fest, there’s always fun to join in on “down on the corner.”

  1. Gypsy

Fleetwood Mac

Ready to return to Round Top and to the gypsy that you were? This song is the perfect companion to the freedom of the open road and encapsulates the wild spirit of one our favorite local shops, Junk Gypsy. The road is calling, and you must go.

  1. Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver

Besides being the one song that can get entire groups of people in public settings to stop what they’re doing and sing along at the top of their lungs, this preeminent country-feeling tune just fits the scenery. Yeah, it’s about West Virginia, but “Round Top, Texas” could easily be substituted, right?

  1. Neon Moon

Brooks & Dunn

Every good playlists gotta have that one slow dancin’ tune. “Neon Moon” sounds just like a Saturday night at Stone Cellar – cold beer in hand – dancing with your loved one at the Round Top Dance Hall.

  1. Big Time

Peter Gabriel

Round Top is a lot of things. We’re a serene country haven. We’re a place of international tourism and world-class antiquing experiences. We’ve got Southern hospitality and Texas charm. But above all else, we’re BIG TIME small. We’ll see you when you get here.

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