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Round Top, Texas from the Locals’ Perspective

Sep 01, 2020 | Round Top FYI

Twice a year, every year, thousands of people flock to Round Top, Texas from all over the globe to take part in our famous Antiques Shows. Our tiny town in Texas is world-renowned as the mecca of antique shopping, and during the rest of the year, it’s a serene country escape for people looking to get out of the big city and visit a place with a population of only 90. The spirit of Round Top lies in the hearts of the people who have made our town their homes, and make possible the amazing lodging, shopping and dining you’ve come to know us for. So what do the locals think of Round Top in the peaceful interims between the larger-than-life Antiques Shows? Read on to find out.

“I’m so happy here I almost can’t stand it.”

“Round Top as a whole is creative and brings out a creative spirit in people. I don’t think there’s another small town with a population of 90 anywhere in the world like Round Top. It’s small and sophisticated but has an international feel as well.”

“Everyone wants to make Round Top a special place, and there’s a sense of community involved in working towards that goal.”

“You can find anything here.”

“Round Top is kind of like a secret that thousands of people share. And when people find out about it, they feel a sense of ownership – they know about something that the rest of the state and the world don’t know about.”

“It’s inspirational seeing how much everyone cares. It’s such a supportive community of business owners, and we all know we have people to go to when we need advice or feedback.”

“It’s small and quiet and intimate. The people feel like family.”

“It’s nice to be a part of such a unique community – this town is close-knit, and we all take care of each other in times of need.”

“Everyone here is so warm and friendly and supportive. Every business here just wants to support one another.”

“I love the feeling Round Top gives you. The charm of the small town and the genuine people that live here make me feel at home and excited all at the same time. I laugh more when I’m in Round Top and I sleep better when I’m in Round Top.”

You heard it here first, from the people who make our big time small town what it is. Next time you’re passing through, why don’t you stop and stay awhile? You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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