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Round Top’s Most Instagram-Worthy Spots

Aug 06, 2019 | Round Top FYI , Round Top Road Trip

In the age of social media, there’s a saying that goes, “did it even happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram?” Out here in the Texas countryside, we like to keep it low-key, and we’re all for going off the grid occasionally. But we’ve got to brag on ourselves just a little — our town is pretty cute. If you’re here for the weekend or just for the afternoon, you can brag on Round Top on your own social media — just make sure you hashtag it #bigtimesmall. Here are some of the top spots in Round Top to snap an Instagram-worthy photo.


  1. Festival Hill at the Round Top Festival Institute

Known for its annual music festival, a gathering of the world’s top student classical musicians, the Round Top Festival Institute has more going for it than its world-class music program. Its grounds — commonly known as Festival Hill — offer 210 acres dotted with both new structures and restored historic small-town Texas buildings, including the Edythe Bates Old Chapel, built in 1883. Walking through the chapel and its surrounding courtyard are like stepping into another world, worthy of photos that capture the moment.


  1. The Chapel at Henkel Square

Built in 1872 and moved to Round Top from the Haw Creek area about five miles south, the chapel at Henkel Square is a beautiful backdrop to the already picturesque scenery in this part of town. Its timeless silhouette makes for a perfectly-symmetrical Instagram photo — any season, any time of day.


  1. Junk Gypsy

Junk Gypsy is full of hidden treasures with a funky, eclectic feel that are perfect for sharing how cool and hip you are for visiting Round Top. The 1960s-era Chevy Suburban parked out front, painted pink and affectionately nicknamed “Large Marge,” was one of the first transporters of junk for the Junk Gypsies and is a can’t-miss hot spot for photo ops.


  1. McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors

You can spot McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors from a mile away by the two large double-decker buses parked outside and the old telephone booth set atop their fence. Even if you’re not interested in antiques, it’s not often you encounter British memorabilia in the Texas countryside. Next time you’re driving on 237 north of downtown Round Top, stop and snap a photo.


  1. Lulu’s

If you’ve heard word around town that Lulu’s is a little slice of Italy in the Texas hill country, we’re here to tell you that it’s true. Set within a rustic building with a beautiful stone façade, the main dining room at Lulu’s has all the ambiance of a restaurant in the hills of Tuscany. Drop by for some of their amazing home-cooked food, and don’t forget to take a photo before you leave.


  1. Round Top Family Library

The Sterling & Marianne McCall Library Building was formerly known as the Hope Lutheran Church, originally constructed in 1925. After being dismantled and moved to its current location, it was immaculately restored. And not only is the library building and its surrounding garden a peaceful place to read a book, it’s also worthy of an Instagram snapshot.


  1. Royer’s Pie Haven

A trip to Round Top isn’t a trip to Round Top without some of Royer’s famous pie. Located under the oak trees on Henkel Square, the adorable cottage setting and surrounding décor makes the photographic allure of Royer’s Pie Haven almost as good as the pie itself — almost.

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