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Essentials for Every Texas Road Trip

May 06, 2021 | Round Top Road Trip

The Texas road trip. It’s a staple here in the Lone Star State, it’s a right of passage — and it’s a whole lot of fun. If you’re like lots of folks out there, there’s a good chance you’re planning to hit the road and head our way in the coming months. (That’s right — if you hadn’t already heard, Round Top, TX recently ranked among Airbnb’s top destinations!)

Of course, anything worth doing is worth doing well — especially the Texas road trip. And before you set off, there are a few things you should consider. Here, we’ve pulled together five must-have essentials for every Texas road trip. Read up, gear up and then make plans to hit the road to Round Top!

You’ll Need Fuel for the Road Ahead
We’re not just talkin’ about the gasoline that keeps you moving, friends. (Although yes, that’s important, too.) You’ll want to load up your playlist with songs that get ya excited, of course. And, as luck would have it, we’ve got a whole blog post dedicated to gettin’ ya started! Once that’s ready, be sure to pack your bags with snacks that don’t require lots of work, but will keep ya going. In other words, stuff that won’t melt, that doesn’t need a refrigerator — and which won’t leave you with lots of trash to contend with. Don’t forget to factor in a stop or two at a favorite convenience store. Whether it’s a big travel stop like Buc-ee’s or a local fave like our Round Top Mercantile Company, there’s just something about those road trip pit stops that make the snacks taste extra good.

Keep a Keen Eye on the Surrounding Scenery
Texas is a pretty place, folks, and there are all sorts of photo ops out there. Be on the lookout for fun murals, fields of wildflowers, grazing livestock and other sightings. If you spot ‘em, pause to snap ‘em! Sure, these stops might add time to your trip, but they’ll also create lasting memories. (After all, they say getting there is half the fun, right?) Just be smart when it comes to those photo sessions. Avoid parking in places that impede traffic, pay attention to property rights and don’t do harm to the area you’re visiting. We’ve written a blog post packed with tips that might help.

Pack Your Sense of Adventure
It’s no secret that we love a little exploring. (We mean, check out our website’s name.) Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone, mix and mingle with the locals and take a chance on something new. Whether that means dropping by a roadside stand to sample local honey, wining down at a local vineyard, soaking up a bit of history during an impromptu museum stop — or something else entirely — the unplanned aspects of a Texas road trip can often create the best memories. Our Explore page offers great inspiration.

Plan Extra Room for Souvenirs
No, your Texas road trip won’t be all about the shopping, but a little retail therapy never hurt anybody. Leave a little space in that suitcase or pack a bonus duffel bag for your finds. In a worst-case scenario where no souvenir speaks to you? You have a little added elbow room on the ride home. In your best-case scenario, you’ve planned ahead and your new-found treasures will make it home safe and sound. (If your road trip’s takin’ ya to Round Top, we can guarantee that space will come in handy. From decades-old antiques, to funky new art, our shops have something for everybody.)

The Texas road trip is a beautiful thing, and no two are ever alike. If you’re planning to hit the open road in the coming months, we hope you’ll consider a trek out to Round Top. With so many things to do and eat, not to mention great places to stay and shop, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Safe travels, y’all!

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