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The Dos and Don’ts of the Round Top Antiques Show

Aug 30, 2019 | Round Top Antiques Show , Round Top FYI , Round Top Road Trip

Here in Round Top, we get to experience our favorite time of year twice — in the spring and fall! The Round Top Fall Antiques Show is just around the corner, and ‘round these parts we’re starting to hear lots of questions about how to prepare for two weeks of nonstop treasure hunting. What should I take with me? Where do I go? Can I bring my dog? (The answer is always yes.) If you’re heading out to the show this year and wondering where to start, we’ve got some helpful dos and don’ts that will have you antique shopping like a pro.

Do Book Lodging Early
Round Top is a peaceful small town for most of the year, but things get pretty hectic and crowded when the Antiques Show rolls around. Get ahead of all the folks who are going to need somewhere to stay and book your lodging early. Most B&Bs and home rentals require a 2-3 night minimum stay, so it’s easier if you lock in your reservation ASAP.

Don’t Show Up Without a Plan
Plan for what time of the Antiques Show you’d like to visit, depending on what your goals are. The best deals will be offered during the third week of the show, although there will be a smaller selection. If you’re looking for the best selection, come during the first week when it’s less crowded — but be mindful that not every vendor will be open, and prices will be less negotiable.

Do Dress Comfortably
The Round Top Antiques Show is an exciting time of year…but it also takes place in Texas. Make sure you’re prepared for the weather, which can sometimes be extreme and unpredictable. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes (you’ll be walking a lot!), and bring a bag to carry water, snacks and sunscreen.

Don’t Forget Cash
When you’re shopping for antiques, you want to make sure you can get your hands on whatever you set you heart on! Some dealers accept credit cards, but cash is always welcome (and easier to haggle with).

Do Get an Early Start
The Round Top Antiques Show spans over an 11-mile stretch, and traffic can slow everything down. Get an early start to beat the crowds and traffic on 237.

Don’t Forget the Golden Rule
If you love it, buy it! Antique shopping is all about trusting your gut. If you see something you like, grab it before it’s purchased by another treasure hunter. Enter the Antiques Show with an open mind, and see where the journey takes you!

For more information about the Round Top Fall Antiques Show, visit our Event page.

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