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Friendly Advice: Tips for Wonderful Wildflower Photos

Apr 06, 2021 | Round Top FYI , Round Top Road Trip

Springtime is all about the wildflower photos around Round Top, Texas — and can ya blame us, folks? With those beautiful bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and other awesome pops of color making themselves known in our fields, it’s really something to behold. Planning to get the little ones all gussied up for some frame-worthy photos? (Or snap a few stunning nature shots, sans kiddo?) We’ve pulled together a few of our top tips to make the experience one you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Gear Up
Although all you really need for successful wildflower photos is a dependable camera and an eye for that just-right image, there are a few tools that can help make the experience a bit better. Bug spray and sunscreen are always a good idea when you’re taking place in outdoor activities, while having a blanket on hand gives your subjects a place to sit — or can make it easier for you, the photographer, to kneel and find your shot.

Assess Your Surroundings
It might be tempting to stop the car, grab the kids and set off into the fields at your first glimpse of our bluebonnets, but it’s important to play it safe. Scope out the area first, keeping an eye out for bugs and snakes. Of course, muddy patches, sticker burrs and even discarded litter can introduce other troubles into the mix. Don’t forget to take into account the area you’re choosing for your shoot. Steer clear of private property — and, if you’re taking photos roadside, be sure you’re far enough away from traffic to keep everyone safe.

Make it a Full-On Experience
Anyone who’s ever ventured to rural Texas during wildflower season knows it isn’t always easy to know where to look. That vast field that bloomed beautifully last year might lay bare, while bluebonnets abound just off a craggy highway. In other words, wildflower photos can take a while. Get little ones excited and in on the action by asking them to keep an eye out for flowers themselves. Pack snacks, books and toys to keep them happy and going strong. Depending on where your photoshoot takes place, you might also consider packing a picnic lunch and making the most of your surroundings. At the end of the day, if all goes according to plan, you’ll wind up with beautiful pictures — and memories that last a lifetime.

It’s wildflower season all over Round Top, and we hope you’ll come by and take in a bit of the beauty yourself! If you’ve got questions — or are interested in things to eat, buy or do while you’re around — feel free to give us a ring. We look forward to seeing you in the town that’s big time small!

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