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Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce Spotlight: Teague’s Tavern

Dec 02, 2019 | Round Top Dining , Round Top FYI

There are two things Don Teague knows about Texas: people from Texas have a lot of pride for their state, and visitors to the Lone Star State want a real “Texas” experience. Don and his wife Kiki had this in mind when they decided to open Teague’s Tavern in Round Top. “Round Top has changed a lot in the past few years,” he explained. “Four years ago, the square didn’t have any dining or entertainment options. We wanted to fill that need for the town while also giving folks a genuine Texas experience they would remember when they went home.”

A fifth-generation Texan, Don was living and working in Houston when he decided he’d like to fulfill every Texan’s dream – owning land. He and Kiki purchased some property in Ledbetter, and happened to stop by Round Top while they were visiting. Finding it charming and beautiful, they knew it was their new home. And after spending some time commuting back to Houston every day for work, Don and Kiki opened Teague’s Tavern in downtown Round Top to serve as the family business. Authentic Texas comfort food is their game – they serve high-quality fresh food, with local steaks from Burton and meat that is never frozen. “It’s really local, and it’s really good,” says Don.

Don says he’s surprised when he mentions Round Top and people have never heard of it – but that its small size and relative obscurity may be part of the town’s charm. “Round Top is kind of like a secret that thousands of people share,” he explains. “And when people find out about it, they feel a sense of ownership – they know about something that the rest of the state and the world don’t know about.” Don makes an effort to champion Round Top everywhere he goes, and says he’s a believer in the Chamber’s efforts to spread the word about Texas’s best-kept “secret.” But more than anything else, he wants his restaurant to be a place where people can have a good time, eat some great Texas food and celebrate everything that makes Round Top and the Lone Star State special.

For more about Teague’s Tavern, their menu and their entertainment lineup, visit their website. To browse dining options in Round Top and beyond, visit our Dine page.

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