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Round Top’s Cowboy COVID-19 Etiquette

Jul 27, 2020 | Round Top FYI

If you’re a true cowboy in Round Top, Texas, you know the rules of cowboy etiquette – “yes, ma’am,” “no, sir,” and never criticize another man’s horse. ‘Round these parts, there are some new rules to consider when you’re visiting our shops and restaurants, to make sure all of our local friends and out-of-towners stay safe. Here are the tips we recommend for staying up-to-date on your cowboy COVID-19 etiquette.

Hats Off, Masks On
Remove your cowboy hat when you enter someone’s home or office out of respect – but keep your masks on! This will lessen the chance of anything spreading between you and the folks nearby. Heck, you can even pull your bandana over your face if you like – as long as your nose and mouth are covered.

Stick ‘Em Up (and Keep ‘Em Clean)
Whatever cowboys do when they’re not in Round Top is none of our business. But in these city limits, you’ll need to keep your hands clean. Wash ‘em up for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap, and make sure to use hand sanitizer as much as possible. Before you eat or after arriving to an unfamiliar place, get yourself to the nearest sink, lickety-split.

Keep Your Distance, Cowboy!
We know cowboys are fond of dropping in on old friends and socializing, but make sure you stay at least six feet away from the folks you don’t live with. While it may seem strange at first, it’s one of the easiest ways to avoid passing on an illness.

Stay Humble
Cowboys follow a strict honor code – so make sure to respect others around you. Follow the tips above to make sure everyone in our big time small town stays safe during an uncertain time. And remember – a real cowboy never complains.

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